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Dear fan, Since March 2020 artists have not been able to offer us what used to be their largest income generator. We miss the concerts, and we miss our artists performing live for us. It is extremely sad that many of these respected artists are forced to find other ways to earn their daily income. We want to help them. This website is created for the sole purpose of letting you as a fan dedicate your support for your choice of artists.There are only two parties involved. You as the fan and donator and the registered artists of your choice.


Monetizing Art in the
Modern Landscape



Digital streams trickle, artist earnings minute, A towering woe, creativity caught in a bind, Online subs' meager share, industry's stark plight, Artists' voices resound, seeking a fairer design.

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Management charge for all issues related to artists. Live concerts are one of the few areas where artists earn a good share of the dividend. Merchandise like T-shirts, posters and albums are almost completely lost for the artists.

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In history's embrace, artists inked deals, a fraction's share they'd see, Mere 10 or 20, a portion of the total's glee, Management's cut, a pact to guide their way, Earnings shared, dreams pursued, a creative dues display.

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To digital realms the industry shifted, a new era's dawn, Yet artists found income dwindling, a silent mourn, Virtual stages and streaming's embrace, Yet financial struggles cast a shadow on their grace.

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Then came Corona's relentless tide, Artists' struggles multiplied, hopes set aside, Live shows silenced, venues in despair, Creativity persevered, though burdened by the air.

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Then came Led Zeppelin and their manager Peter Grant and changed all of this for all artists. But this was when record sales still were analogue.

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Barun Das

Artist | Music

Kamelia Chaki

Artist | Music

Arpita Paul

Artist | Other

Nupur Nayak

Artist | Architecture

Samapti Nandi

Artist | Painting

Sandip Chakraborty

Artist | Music

Kajal Sarkar

Artist | Music


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